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If missing out on an industry event or training has left a gap in your business, Blue Collar is here to help!

If missing out on an industry event or training has left a gap in your business, Blue Collar is here to help!

August 24-25 – Full Experience

12pm – 4pm ET Each Day


Fundamentals & How To’s –

Dates Coming Soon!

For the call takers and dispatchers

It’s the single most profitable department in your entire business…and yet most companies don’t even realize it, much less give the attention necessary to enhance this revenue generating part of the service business. Whether your office team members are already pretty great, or they need some serious help, this training will give them the skills they need to take your office to the next level.

August 26-28

12pm – 5pm ET Each Day

For the owners & key managers regardless of departments managed

Great managers are created from this results-improving training that this industry has never seen before. It’s intense, it’s value-packed, and your managers will leave with the right skills to finally accomplish company goals, improve culture and recruit new talent like never before!

September 30 – October 2

10am – 3pm ET Each Day

For the large ticket salesperson/selling tech

If you feel like your sales team isn’t maximizing their bigger-ticket replacement sales opportunities (regardless of trade), you’re absolutely right! The good news is, NOW you can stop this insanity from happening with the focused, proven methods that are expertly presented in Sales Specialist Academy!

October 14 -16

10am – 3pm ET Each Day


November 4 – 6

10am – 3pm ET Each Day

For the Service & Selling Tech

Professional Tech Academy can increase your average ticket by OVER 50% and have your technicians selling more than you ever imagined. This is your ultimate solution to getting more sales, more customers, and better reviews!


October 22 – 23

For Owners & Managers

It’s two energetic, productive workshop days with your fellow Members (and a few chosen VIPs), spent on high-level discussions, learning, and strategic planning. It’s an intimate environment, focused on your professional and personal growth; the goal is to accelerate your success.

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